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kim-norlien.jpgBest known for creating scenes of beauty with breathtaking realism, Kim Norlien is one of America's most collected artists. He has exhibited his art in shows throughout the United States and his museum-quality originals are highly regarded by collectors.

His masterful interplay of light and shadow celebrates the true, unblemished splendor of nature's wildlife and the beauty of the world around them.  Each painting is painstakingly researched to ensure that every detail - whether it be architecture, landscape or wildlife is captured precisely as it would be found in its natural state.

Complementing his detail, Kim has become well known for his use of hidden images within many of his paintings. He believes these hidden images can be conversation pieces for guests and can give families, adults, and children alike something to enjoy together.

When they are not traveling, Kim and his wife Lori reside at their country home in central Minnesota, where his studio and gallery overlook beautiful wetlands, woods, and farmland. The Norlien's are parents of four grown children who have all helped within the family art business and they love to encourage their children and grandchildren to follow their dreams.